I know you're lost and there is nothing I can do
I see you want to go home and have someone with you
your life is gone nowhere and you’re trying to scream
your soul is burning, destroyed for your disease

Necessity of feel the heaven through your veins
constant activity of conscience, of nonsenses
the paranoia is growing in your terrified mind
Your shell is breaking trampled for the guilt

you thought you could stop me
and now I’m being hungry
again you're looking for the syringe

the same nightmare as yesterday
the same aid as everyday
just try to stop me, you'll pray me for my bless

the same fight you lose before
the same voice you can't ignore
who's saying you “i know you can do more"

Distract the truth with a comfortable lie
You thought you could choose, and you have gone mad
I’ve got you in my hands, I’m going to your brain
I offer you my pie and now you have to accept

My fog will make you hollow
you gonna fell my sorrow
You’re feeding me with every breath

Cries only make me strong
my jail gonna trap you more
the fire is lit, when will crash the bomb

Sleeping or dreaming?
I'm fading, you're kidding me
This time you''ll come with me

the same poison as yesterday
the same shine as everyday
now try to choose


from UnleafedClover, released May 28, 2015



all rights reserved


UnleafedClover PM, Spain

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