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Gray is the only flush today
is the paper bleach for them?
a chunk of gold again

why are we cotrolled by their grace
why we let them steal our wage
here is the joke, again

lies, hooded like if they were a pie
they explode and d’ont know why
we are the ones who pay their bills

We are the revolution
we are the twilight sun
there's no constitution
too strong to make us

not today
if we stay
we will fight
we dont belong to
sit and play
watch our game
there's no cry
we won’t surrender

how many times have we seen the same story
the same path the same old glory
the preacher has come again, with the

shine to repress the truths with bleedings
to control us without prickings
now praise the choosen one

we know the solution
here's the time to explode
screams are the pollution
to make them fall and

if they stay
‘cause today
we will fight
we'll not be afraid of
leave away
take your graves
now we strike
we'll have no mercy


from UnleafedClover, released May 28, 2015



all rights reserved


UnleafedClover PM, Spain

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